Saturday, September 30, 2023

Space Rogue Lite #3

 Got back to working on the game at last after some backlog cleared up from my life. Created a proper project, cleaned up and created a Player object.

Also started working on input. I'll be using the "new" input system as it's much more versatile when working with gamepads and other forms of input than the old one. It requires some getting used to and some preparation but everything else will be faster and easier.
I got to work with the new input system on one of my previous games (In Sound Mind) and it really simplified adding controllers, especially those with non-standard input scheme (console controllers such as Switch Pro Controller and DualSense).
I don't want to count on the Steam controller translator as it's not super accurate and also doesn't work if I don't use Steam. Obviously.
So I set up some stuff and started writing code.
It will take some time. I don't want it to be perfect, but in games like these, the controls have to be smooth and feel good. Also this is a spaceship game so it should feel "weightless". That being said, I don't want weird "Asteroids" type of controls where your ship just drifts as it will just feel annoying. We can assume your ship navigators can micromanage the thrusters while you just control where you want to go and how far. It's important that the ship will have some sort of acceleration/deceleration to feel more "spacey".

That's it for now.

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